Empowers patients by enabling them to communicate their needs to caregivers outside of the patient's room.

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The WinstonPro System includes two different clients plus a server component and a web interface.

The WinstonPro Client is for patients and includes all of Winston's features plus the ability to page for assistance, page tracking and, finally, voice input.

The WinstonPro Care Client is for healthcare providers and includes all of Winston's features plus the ability to receive and respond to pages.

WinstonPro Server is the middleman receiving and forwarding requests and responses.

WinstonPro Console is a web interface to the real time and historical paging data and would most likely be displayed at a nurses station.

The request-response life cycle is roughly as follows: the patient's request is sent to the server. The server in turn notifies the caregivers and updates the console. The caregivers decide to either take care of the request right away or to acknowledge it and follow up as soon as they can. Regardless, their response is sent to the server. The server then sends it to the patient and once again updates the console.

Benefits for Patients

  • Communicate your treatment needs accurately and comfortably
  • Remove language obstacles
  • Focus on your recovery, not on communicating your needs and desires

Benefits for Families

  • Communicate with your loved one
  • Monitor your loved one’s comfort level when you are not present
  • Know that your loved one is communicating their needs even when you are not there

Benefits for Providers

  • Improve patient satisfaction and safety
  • Minimize communication errors and delays during treatment
  • Track and analyze patient care statistics

Currently in field trials. Please contact to participate.